Dharun Ravi Student With No College

 Dharun Ravi was convicted of fifteen felonies that so humiliated his college roommate  that it drove him to take his own life.

He was sentenced to 30 days in jail. After doing that short term he will have top find another university to continue his education at.

Dharun Ravi will be followed by what he did where ever he is admitted to continue his math major. After he graduates what employer will want to hire him?

There are hundreds-of-thousands unemployed American Engineers with engineering and math degrees. The corporations should be:

Hiring Americans To Keep The Recovery Going

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2 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    Please, American companies, DON’T hire this foreign homophobe. Hire an American who needs the work.

  2. Ravi-oli says:

    I’m Indian and can tell you for a fact that a vast majority of “educated” well-heeled Indians are openly homophobic.

    Regarding Mr. Ravi, he’s a pathetic excuse for a human. I can’t imagine a decent human not apologizing when someone whom you play a “prank” on dies regardless of if you were directly to blame or not. A normal sense of decency would cause you to reactively question the wisdom of playing the prank and lead you to an apology.

    So do I think Ravi and his family are apologetic? Not really. I believe they fall into the aforementioned majority.

    For all Americans who don’t have the context read this story:

    FYI in India, BCCI is the equivalent of the NBA, NFL and NHL combined!

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