Nefarious Victory






Immigrants Gather To Celebrate Victory Over Americans In Arizona

“A Major Win For Our Communities In Arizona”

“In April 2010 Reform Immigration For America and our partners supported our communities when Arizona passed the most extreme anti-immigrant bill in the U.S. We rallied in the street. We boycotted. Today we stand behind Arizonan immigrants again.

Voters in Arizonas District 18 ousted Senator Russell Pearce, the architect of the ‘hate-filled’ bill SB 1070. He’s being replaced by Jerry Lewis, a pro-immigrant candidate committed to reforming our immigration policies.

This victory is a big one and we’re going to shout it on the street corners.

Immigrants On Los Angeles Street Corner Celebrating Victory over Americans

Pearce’s bill set the devastating tone for the rest of the nation’s immigration policies. Anti-Immigrant copycat bills were introduced in several states.

By ousting (the patriot) Pearce, we’ve shown we’re powerful,and we’re going to keep fighting for our ‘rights.’ In 2012 anti-immigration legislators will now have to think twice before pursuing anti-immigrant policies in our states.”

Written by Marissa Graciosa, Reform Immigration “For” America November 10, 2011

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